Here at InsiderCarNews we have a small team of auto and technology enthusiasts ranging from car professionals to mainstream editors and writers. The mix of expertise at our disposal helps us bring to you latest news coverage from across the auto world.

Ravi Mandalia – Editor

Ravi is a technology enthusiast with love for everything technical. Ravi has been actively writing about cars ever since he jumped into the online news industry seven years back. He is also working on an electric car project geared towards eliminating hurdles that are stopping mass adoption of electric cars.

Timothy Lawrence – Contributor

Timothy is an automobile engineer by education and loves getting his hands dirty and getting downright to his knees when it comes to cars. Timothy owns a garage in Texas and has been working on a car project of his own over the last few months.

Chloe Jonson

Chloe has been writing about cars and other transportation issues worldwide for the last five years. Her love for cars started when she was little and over the years has owned a number of cars and has been active in car culture groups, and the automotive industry in general.