All-new Land Rover Defender set to polarise opinion, vehicle’s design chief says

All-new Land Rover Defender set to polarise opinion, vehicle's design chief says

All-new Land Rover Defender will be released – that’s something we all know – but according to the man in charge of designing the new Defender purists might not be satisfied with what they will come up with and the new Defender will have a polarising effect.

This came directly from Land Rover design chief, Gerry McGovern, who while speaking on the sidelines of the Los Angeles Auto Show said that they aren’t going to take all the new technology available today and fit it in the old Defender. He said that the ultimate aim of the all-new Defender will be to deliver a much better off-roading experience than the old model while encompassing all the refinements, drivability and safety that are unheard of with the Defender nameplate.

One key thing said by McGovern was that the all-new Defender needs to appeal and be relevant to the new buyers and they don’t intend to design it such that it appeals to only a few fans only.

“It must embrace new technology,” he said. “To be a success, it has to be relevant to future buyers.”

Relevance is key for the automaker needs to think of sales success as well in this highly competitive global market. Over a period of 68 years, Land Rover sold just over two million Defenders. That’s a lot less compared to the sales numbers of other models released by Land Rover. McGovern said that to justify the investment the all-new Defender will have a design that can enable it to become a global vehicle and not just a vehicle that is catering a few hundred thousand of its fans.

That being said, Land Rover certainly doesn’t want Defender fans to desert them or the new Defender as the automaker assures whatever they do will be done while ensuring absolute integrity of design, sophisticated design and that is no different for the new Defender. McGovern said he would want fans and enthusiasts to embrace the new Defender.


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