2019 Infiniti QX50: Distinctive proportions, powerful elegance design language set it apart

2019 Infiniti QX50 flaunted at Los Angeles Auto Show
2019 Infiniti QX50: Distinctive proportions, powerful elegance design language set it apart

The 2019 INFINITI QX50 is defined by distinctive proportions, which set the car apart from its competitors. Influenced by INFINITI’s Powerful Elegance design language, the all-new QX50 has an elevated, commanding crossover stance and strong character lines.

At an overall height of 66.1 inches, the volume of the 2019 QX50’s body creates a striking presence and helps the vehicle stand out on the road. The elevated driver position maximizes visibility, with an eye-point 50.7 inches in height affording a clear view whether driving or parking.

The all-new QX50’s striking visual character adjoins a clamshell hood, presenting a strong degree of muscularity while retaining balanced body proportions. The visually long hood – together with sculpted surface and detailing – create a feeling of flowing power.

The unique hood shape facilitates enhanced cabin proportions. A newly developed bonnet hinge system, Pop-Up 4 Link Hinge, has been created especially for the QX50, allowing deep, sharp-edged character lines to flow from the hood along the body. Integrating the A-pillar into this shape also makes the hood appear longer.

Character lines are formed by sharp, rolled-edge creases in the bodywork, achieved with INFINITI’s own deep-sculpting manufacturing methods. The clamshell hood flows into the character lines running along the side of the vehicle, creating an angle sharper than most competitors, and providing the 2019 QX50 with a distinctive visual signature.

The deep-stamping production methods behind the new QX50’s bodywork enable the creation of an integrated door design. This results in an almost-seamless connection between the door glass and metal. Integrated door handles allow the deep character line to continue uninterrupted along the side of the car.

The all-new QX50’s sophisticated rear aspect is characterized by clean, simple lines, and curves that release the visual energy built up from character lines flowing along the car’s sides. A chrome-tipped dual exhaust sits within the rear lower bumper.

The 2019 QX50’s commanding stance adds to its sense of agility and crossover-like ruggedness. Designed to look large in relation to the rest of the car, customers will be able to choose from 19-inch (235/55R19 tires) or 20-inch (255/45R20 tires) wheels.

Aerodynamic efficiency is key to the all-new 2019 QX50’s design – the drag coefficient is improved by 6 percent compared to the previous-generation QX50. Its hood, A-pillar, tailgate and enclosed underbody are all specially designed to encourage airflow over, around and under the vehicle, with minimal turbulence. The bumpers and wheel arches feature air slits, inlets and outlets to assist the efficient flow of air.

Meanwhile, the center of the all-new QX50’s roof is subtly recessed towards the rear of the car, and the side spoiler (connecting the sides of the rear spoiler to the rear screen) and a defined trailing edge to the rear combination lamps each contribute towards a zero lift design, encouraging the expulsion of air tumbling down from the top of the car when in motion. INFINITI’s approach to aerodynamic efficiency aids stability and maximizes fuel efficiency.


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