Hyundai seeks carbon fibre reinforced plastic patent for future cars

hyundai cfrp patent

A new patent filing has emerged that shows how Hyundai is planning its future cars through use of CFRP or carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

CFRP or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic will likely be used for the front chassis structure in future Hyundai cars, the patent indicates. CFRP will replace steel or aluminium that is usually used to make these structural components, as it is considerably lighter than metal while still giving the same or more structural rigidity. These new components by Hyundai could be bonded together using industrial strength glues and plastic welding.

Hyundai’s patent filing shows a structural component like the front cross member on which the engine and other ancillaries are mounted along with portions of the body structure itself like the door pillars. The patent also showcases other parts like the cowl that separates the engine bay from the passenger compartment which could actually reduce weight greatly and add better insulation along with reducing heat transfer to the cabin from the exhaust components.

The use of CFRP could greatly help Hyundai’s new N-Performance brand to reduce weight and increase performance in the likes of the upcoming Hyundai i20 N which would help them take on the hot hatchbacks from other manufacturers. The use of CFRP though isn’t really new. Porsche uses a very similar material for the wheels on the new 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series while the Audi R8 and TT-RS use the material for various components too. That said, when it does make in into production, Hyundai’s CFRP components will be one of the first mass market applications for this material.

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