Thousands of Audi cars with duplicate VINs allegedly exported to Asia

Audi A4

Reports have emerged that Audi may have exported thousands of its cars with duplicate Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to Asia.

Here’s a little information about VIN. It is a unique 17-digit code that is stamped onto the car (directly onto the body or onto a separate plate). Each car has a unique number VIN via which it can be tracked and its history stored and according to German and European Union laws, the VIN number must remain exclusive to only that vehicle for a period of at least 30 years.

After a raid at Audi’s corporate offices in connection to the Dieselgate scandal, authorities uncovered documents that showed Audi had allegedly exported thousands of cars with duplicate VINs.

According to reports, the raids that took place in the month of March in connection to the investigations into the Dieselgate scandal that involved the 2-litre and 3-litre diesel engines. The documents further showed that several Audi models had been exported to parts of Asia, allegedly China, Korea and Japan with the duplicate VIN numbers. If reports are to be believed, the demand for an imported Audi in China is greater than the ones that are currently assembled and produced in the China with joint venture partner FAW that also has a joint venture with Volkswagen.

Coming directly on the heels of the Dieselgate scandal that has rocked not just the Volkswagen group but also a plethora of automakers worldwide, the alleged VIN number scandal is certainly not good news for the automaker.

Audi’s statement on this issue is currently one of denial and a spokesperson is said to have said, “We are not aware of the fact the VIN numbers have been issued more than once.”


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