Andi Dorfman To Appear On Nick Viall's Season Of The Bachelor?!

Tuesday, 06 Sep, 2016

Despite some people questioning the authenticity of Carly and Evan's relationship, the Bachelor in Paradise veteran insists that she's in love with the erectile dysfunction expert from The Bachelorette season 12. In Monday's episode, the bachelors are put in control of handing out the roses. And Viall is The Bachelor franchise's most lovable/hate-able loser. Izzy didn't just sit around and wallow in a pool of tears; she ran back to Vinny! In confessional, Brett admits that he has moved past what he had with Izzy.

Lauren H. wants to win Brett over in order to get a rose.

Meanwhile, for Brett, he was having a change of hearts and started to feel more for Lauren H. and less for Izzy. When questioned by the paparazzo, Vinny said that they're just friends. Her reaction of "I should go" is met with a compassionate "Okay". Izzy hops in the auto and calls Vinny and tells him how sorry she is, and that she wants him back. "I was checked in to my flight to come to L.A.", Pell told the magazine. "Her and I are both pretty good at picking up on guys' game", Himle told the radio station, seemingly suggesting Saviano may have ended the relationship before Viall had the chance to. In confessional, Carly expresses her own theory of why Shushanna opted to leave, saying that it seems as though she merely wanted to protect herself from rejection.

For the last official rose ceremony, there were still be a number of relationships hanging.

The finale will see three couples getting engaged and Josh will introduce his mother to Amanda.

Vinny also had something to say about how Brett treated Izzy. The fight over Wells between Jami, Ashley and Shushanna continued.

Did they get it on in the Fantasy Suite? Before she could even get him into the suite, Wells set Ashley free because he just wasn't feeling it.

Because Wells did not f-ck Ashley last night. "She's going to meet the boys and they're going to love her", he said.

Grant and Lace went shopping in Sayulita, bought matching bracelets that said "Grace" - their couple name - and got Grace tattooed on their wrists. While hesitant at first, Lace walks out notably happy about her new tat. "And she's going to love them". America will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak. That must have been what Nick said when he talked her into giving him the date card. "So, nearly in the same manner I left The Bachelorette in such a shocking way in my relationship with JoJo, I nearly have the shame shock - you know, feeling like I'm getting hit by a freight train and blindsided".

Bachelor In Paradise 2016 spoilers tease that despite Vinny's awesome revenge during the Season 3 finale, apparently he didn't stay strong for long, and he has since forgiven Izzy.

Hey, at least she finally arrived at this decision, right? One panicked bachelor is going to voice his concerns to a devastated bachelorette.